YOSTOS 2025 and How China Takes Over the World without Firing a Shot. (originally published 12.23.2018)

This story will be neither Fiction nor Non-Fiction. I call it “Faction”.

That means it’s based on past and current Facts, as well as a projected Fiction based outcome.

Let’s just hope it does prove true as there is no great hero to save the day.

The Book/Movie is called “YOSTOS. Crypto 2025 and Chinese World Domination.”

For reference: YOS is Year of the Snake (2025), and TOS stands for Terms of Service (which is the box we ALL check to agree to use apps, programs, services, banks, credits cards and more).


Current Day. The Chinese have publicly stated for decades their desire to take over and control the world by 2025.


This means not only economic domination, but possibly military as well.

The Chinese have also instituted Social “Scoring” as a way to control the thoughts, postings, and public statements of their citizenry.

Over the next few years, China will continue to move forward, expand, and intrude on many of the world's everyday activities.

Premise: The Setting is the year 2025.

In the year 2025, nearly everyone on the planet has a cell phone, even kids. The digital divide has been conquered where nearly every human on the planet is somehow connected to the Internet (either through their mobile device or through the internet to home, office, etc).

The majority of people are also using their phone for Bill pay (credit cards and banks), and mobile banking (which manages all the passwords held there), and hundreds of millions of people are using Bitcoin or some form of Crypto Coins for their investments, banking, payments, etc.

The Chinese people are using WeChat for everything payment-related (which means they no longer carry currency of any kind), and thus everything is digital.

The US had decided to stop creating coins and has limited paper money production — thus pushing everyone to Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and NFC payments (again by having money and accounts on the phones).

Huawei phone company is now the Number one phone company on the planet.

NOTE: ((As of today (Dec. 2018), Huawei is #2 in the world, having taken over that spot from Apple and their iPhone. https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS44188018. The last Dragon for them to slay is Samsung)).

By the year 2025, Huawei has also been integrated into almost every home, business, hospital, library, and school by providing 5G digital. Back in the year 2019, Huawei began giving away free phones and Satellite Service to the lowest-income, bottom Billion of the world… citizens of Africa and other less-developed nations. (https://qz.com/africa/1474369/china-to-help-launch-ethiopias-first-satellite-in-2019/).

Considering the lack of infrastructure (Internet, banking, etc.), the entire African continent was now using Chinese manufactured devices (Huawei) providing access to the internet.

Chinese company Lenovo (which bought IBM years ago) now controls 70% of the global market for Computers, tablets, etc., which means these devices, in some form or another, are in nearly every home on the planet.

The year 2025, in Chinese Zodiac, is the Year of the Snake — Evil and to be feared.

Flash forward to January 1st, 2025 — China decides to hold the world hostage! Considering the Chinese for years have been listening into and recording nearly every phone call on the planet — they have plenty of material to hold hostage and blackmail not only the politicians around the world but the everyday, average citizens.

But that was never their master plan. Blackmail works if you are looking to “extract” something — usually money.

Oh no, the money is no longer a concern. On January 1st, 2025, China executes a world-wide THEFT of every bank account, crypto account, and credit card account on the planet.


Huawei of course!!

The two Chinese characters that make up Huawei’s name literally mean, “To Serve China.” In the year 2016, China designated Huawei an official company of the state-thereby extending to the company unlimited resources and access.

China helped the company move and expand into global markets at unprecedented speeds, and with favorable economic advantages not available to other companies on the planet. China poured billions into research and development to create a 5G network, blazing-fast phone, cheap internet access, and more.

All that China asked for??? Access to the Huawei devices and data.

With all that in mind, on Jan 1st, 2025, China executed their great plan.

They went into every phone and raided the accounts. Remember, the citizens of the world are using their mobile devices for banking, Crypto, bill pay, utilities, etc. Thus, ALL passwords and access are controlled through the devices.

China — in one fail swoop, has now wiped out your bank account, stolen your money, locked you out of your utilities, canceled all of your service (i.e. phone, electricity, gas), turned off your mobile devices where you have NO communication access at all (i.e. no internet, no electricity, no phone).

Think about it for a moment — no communication at all…

Oh yea — -you also NO longer own a car, as the world has gone to autonomous driving, and thus you can’t call a car to go anywhere (https://www.zdnet.com/article/huawei-and-audi-partner-on-intelligent-self-driving/).

What would you do? Where would you go? Who could help?

How do you get your money back? How do you get your “life” back?


You agree to become a Citizen of the Chinese Government.

This means you are under their rule. Under their tax system. Under their social scoring system.

The world becomes one under Chinese Rule — all without firing a shot.

That is the direction I see our world heading on a daily basis.

Every hour it seems there is another “factual” story coming out in the news. Each one leads us a step closer to the Fictional outcome I have predicted here.

That is the spy thriller I see coming.

The only problem? There is no hero to save the day.

Think it can’t happen. Well, here’s an ongoing list of articles relating to China and this undesired outcome.


** If you have any comments, or articles to contribute, please contact me directly.



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