• Donald Cassel

    Donald Cassel

  • Jules D Pfc

    Jules D Pfc

  • Ali Chung

    Ali Chung

  • Christine Syquia

    Christine Syquia

    Fashion Designer Consultant. LA based but willing to travel anywhere for fashion!! www.AccessoryBusiness101.com. Mother, foodie & Australian Shepherd lover.

  • Jacqueline Evanoff

    Jacqueline Evanoff

  • Lisa Goldenthal

    Lisa Goldenthal

    Lisa G. is the best-selling author of The Boss Weight Loss. She gets results for high-impact CEOs & Busy Bosses, inspiring them to go from stuck to unstoppable.

  • Jonathan Taplin

    Jonathan Taplin

    Director Emeritus, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab. Producer/Author, “Mean Streets”, “Move Fast & Break Things”. New book, “The Magic Years”, out 3/21.

  • Christopher Brereton

    Christopher Brereton

    I make things. Partner and VP of Product @Sidebench. Love to paint, make music, the beach & fly fishing. I occasionally rant about things I am passionate about.

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